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ComponentOne Studio Enterprise & SharePoint Web Parts Components, Controls & Tools

ComponentOne Ultimate

It's easy to build everything, everywhere with the right tools and resources. ComponentOne Ultimate™ delivers just that. Whether you're a Windows, Web, or XAML developer, this ultimate development tool collection enables you to create any type of application — WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET WebForms, MVC, Windows Phone, iPhone, Compact Framework, and even ActiveX. This comprehensive package not only delivers hundreds of .NET controls plus powerful OLAP data analysis controls, it also includes SharePoint Web Parts, documentation and screen capturing tools, LightSwitch extensions, and tools for ADO.NET Entity Framework and RIA Services.


ComponentOne Studio Enterprise

ComponentOne Studio® Enterprise is the world’s most complete component suite for developing all layers of Windows, Web and Mobile applications. With the most powerful components designed for the .NET framework, Studio Enterprise delivers exactly what developers need to produce next-generation UI’s for Windows and the Web. From highly interactive ASP.NET AJAX-enabled Web interfaces to innovative enterprise-level .NET Windows Forms applications, the Studio Enterprise suite of components renders the rich experiences your users demand. Now you can add the most sophisticated and advanced feature sets and functionality to your applications with less code and in less time than ever before.


ComponentOne Studio for ASP.NET

ComponentOne Studio® for ASP.NET is the developers tool of choice for accelerating efforts and elevating user experience. It includes a collection of over 35 enterprise-ready ASP.NET components that empower you to develop the most rich and innovative applications on the Web. Our ASP.NET components feature built-in AJAX , hundreds of time-saving enhancements, and everything you need to deliver cutting-edge applications. Studio for ASP.NET is the most comprehensive set of components available anywhere including grids, charting, reporting, scheduling, calendars, menus, toolbars, treeviews, tabs, inputs, editors, splitters, and more.


ComponentOne Studio for WinForms

ComponentOne Studio® for WinForms puts the power of innovation at your fingertips. With a full suite award-winning .NET Windows forms components featuring rich design-time features, you can develop cutting-edge interfaces and add the most sophisticated feature sets to your desktop applications with less code and in less time than ever before.


ComponentOne Studio for WPF

ComponentOne Studio® for WPF is the next generation in software development tools. It is one of the first component suites in the industry to leverage the full potential of Windows Presentation Foundation. We have created these components with a blend of intelligence and style that is sure to please both Developers and Designers. Our Developers have implemented familiar properties and methods to ensure that these powerful components are just as easy to use as WinForms controls. While our Designers have added rich themes and interations to provide the ultimate User Experience built into every component. Studio for WPF is the most complete set of enterprise quality components in the market and offers everything from advanced data binding to rich data visualizations included in grid, scheduler, charts, reports, and many more to come.


ComponentOne Studio for ActiveX

ComponentOne Studio® for ActiveX includes a full suite of products including legendary controls such as True DBGrid and VSFlexGrid. Not only will you have access to the two most popular grid components, but a wide variety of some of the most popular and accomplished ActiveX reporting, charting and user interface components for developing enterprise-style Windows applications with Microsoft Visual Studio.


ComponentOne Studio for Compact Framework

ComponentOne Studio® for Compact Framework builds Windows mobile apps with Chart, Zip, and our award-winning FlexGrid. Develop applications on devices like PDA's, mobile phones, and more with ComponentOne Studio® for Compact Framework.


ComponentOne Studio for Silverlight

It's here; the most complete suite of Silverlight controls on the market - with over 30 Silverlight controls! We didn't stop there. ComponentOne Studio® for Silverlight controls are easy to style, packed with built-in features, and are compatible across multiple browsers. The future of Web development tools is yours. Illuminate your RIAs today with rich design, interactivity, and enhanced performance.


ComponentOne Studio for iPhone

ComponentOne Studio® for iPhone is the first and only ASP.NET component suite in the industry that allows you to use your existing ASP.NET skill set and take your Web apps to the iPhone. We give you the iPhone UX, so you can focus on developing your applications.


ComponentOne IntelliSpell

The Microsoft Visual Studio developer is the most powerful and popular software development environment, but it lacks one important thing. It lacks the ability to spell-check code, comments, strings, HTML, Xml, resources and general text. ComponentOne IntelliSpell solves this problem for both VS 2005 and VS 2008. This provides freedom from the archaic process of document editing in a word processor or using Microsoft Office spell checker. With IntelliSpell, developers spell-checking is able to happen within Visual Studio.


ComponentOne Doc-To-Help

Doc-To-Help enables technical communicators, policy writers, and other content creators to author in Doc-To-Help's XML-based editor, Microsoft Word or HTML (or use existing documents) and publish to the Web, Help systems, or printed manuals with a single click.

With Doc-To-Help, you can write (or import), edit, and publish to multiple types of outputs right out of the box. You also get extras such as team support for multiple authors or multiple environments and automatic project analysis. Typically, without Doc-To-Help, you would need multiple applications.


ComponentOne DemoWorks

DemoWorks empowers anybody to produce professional quality demonstration videos without programming, multi-media, or graphic design expertise. Record any screen activity, with or without audio narration, and produce video in industry standard formats such as Flash, animated GIF, WMV and AVI. You can also edit videos frame-by-frame, add captions, highlights, and more.


ComponentOne OLAP for WinForms

Discover new trends and drive efficiency with essential data analysis, reporting, and charting. Rather than summarizing data in spreadsheets, which can be tedious, repetitive, and error-prone; make ComponentOne OLAP™ for WinForms your business solution. This suite of .NET controls provides analytical processing features similar to those found in Microsoft Excel’s Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts. OLAP for WinForms takes raw data in any format and provides an easy-to-use UI so end-users can quickly and intuitively create summaries that display the data in different ways, uncovering trends and providing valuable insights interactively.


ComponentOne XapOptimizer

In one click you can reduce the size of your Silverlight apps up to 70% and secure your code with obfuscation. Add ComponentOne XapOptimizer to your dev cycle with build automations, backups, and limitless options.


ComponentOne ActiveReports

ActiveReports is an award-winning .NET Reporting tool for Silverlight, Windows Forms, ASP.NET, and Windows Azure with an End-User Report Designer, Visual Studio integration, and more. ActiveReports brings Microsoft .NET developers everything from familiar Visual Studio integrated designers to extensive APIs. Create reports ranging in functionality from form-based reports such as invoices and insurance documents, to transaction reports such as sales and accounting, to analytical reports such as sales and budget analysis and portfolio analysis.


ComponentOne Spread.NET

Spread.NET embeds Microsoft Excel®-compatible spreadsheet functionality into your applications for information sharing across the enterprise. Spread.NET can access Windows Forms and ASP.NET spreadsheets, MultiRow grid, stand-alone Chart, Formula Provider, and the Spread Designer run-time license. Spread.NET is the ideal solution for financial modeling, budgeting, engineering, statistical applications, and more.


ComponentOne Spread WPF-Silverlight

Spread WPF-Silverlight embeds Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet functionality into your WPF and Silverlight applications. Perform data analysis using rich, built-in data visualization, create customized spreadsheet templates. Spread WPF-Silverlight easily creates forms, and adds calculated cells to your spreadsheet templates without writing any code. Spread WPF-Silverlight is based on the award-winning, embedded Excel spreadsheet platform for .NET and ASP.NET development.


ComponentOne Spread COM

When you need high-performance, fully-customizable spreadsheet/grid components, join professional developers around the world who consistently turn to Spread COM for powerful, extendable spreadsheet solutions. Spread COM, offers flexibility at the cell level for maximum control over the display and entry of the data, plenty of events to respond to user changes, and an extensive list of built-in calculation functions. Spread COM ensures a quick learning curve with the Spread Designer, a design-time tool with a point-and-click interface.