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Simplify IT Management, Mitigate Risk, Accelerate Results

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Quest Solutions for Application Management, Database Management, and Windows Management


Quest's products help their 100,000-plus customers get the greatest possible value out of the most important IT infrastructures (application, database, virtual and Windows) running on the major platforms of Microsoft, Oracle, VMware and others.

Below are a few highlighted products we recommend reviewing.


Quest vWorkspace - Desktop Virtualization Simplified

A successful desktop virtualization deployment involves many complex parts that require continual attention. The ideal management solution for desktop virtualization must:

  • Simplify the management of application and desktop delivery and deliver most cost-effective solution per customer
  • Reduce cost of application delivery and desktop deployment while leveraging existing investments
  • Provide workforce flexibility and administration agility to the desktop infrastructure
  • Improve security/compliance/DR/Business continuity
  • Deliver a strong user experience to improve the acceptance of new desktops and applications

Together with Quest you can provide your customers with the flexibility and advanced features they need to build the virtual desktop solution that best suits their business requirements. Regardless of their platform choices or user types, your customers can simplify their virtual desktop infrastructure with Quest, while significantly enhancing manageability and lowering infrastructure and storage costs.

Quest Toad

TOAD Database Tool for Development & Administration

The Toad database tool increases productivity of database professionals and the quality of their application code. Toad has variants for all leading database systems across the Windows, Unix, Linux, and z/OS operating systems:

  • Toad for Oracle,
  • Toad for DB2,
  • Toad for SQL Server, and
  • Toad for MySQL.

There are also functional variants of Toad, including Toad Data Modeler, and Toad for Data Analysts.

Millions of users trust Toad database tools, including the flagship product Toad for Oracle, to provide a simple, consistent way to build, manage, and maintain databases. Whether your clients are developers, DBAs, or analysts, Toad's unique community-built approach will dramatically increase their productivity.

Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory

Human error and hardware or software failures can easily corrupt Active Directory (AD), system configurations or Group Policy data. In addition, AD objects can often be modified or deleted by mistake and faulty scripts can overwrite attributes. The result is unplanned system downtime and hours, or even days, of lost user productivity.

Restore Active Directory with the Most Complete Solution Available

  • Fast, online recovery of objects and attributes
  • Schedule automated backups for off-peak hours
  • Identify changes between the current state of Active Directory and a selected backup
  • Quickly recover specific Active Directory objects or roll-back selected attributes without taking Active Directory offline

In addition to Quest Recovery Manager for Active Directory, Quest offers Recovery Manager products for Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft SharePoint.