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Happy Thanksgiving! Our U.S. office will be closed thru November 28th. Our Canadian and European offices are open. We appreciate your business. Thank you!


We have assembled our exclusive "World Views" — best-of-breed software ecosystems. For resellers and solution providers, these represent great opportunity for line extension and business growth, in meeting customer end-to-end needs.

Enterprises invest in database infrastructure management and modeling solutions in order to: 
• Reduce overall development costs
• Mitigate risk and minimize development rework
• Improve application service levels
• Improve application quality and workgroup collaboration Enterprises make investments in security solutions to:
• Protect business assets, brand and reputation
• Facilitate supply chain and demand chain productivity
• Gain strategic business advantage Enterprises invest in virtualization solutions in order to:
• Reduce datacenter and systems capital requirements and operations costs
• Enhance business continuity and minimize downtime of critical business systems
• Manage and protect enterprise desktop computers
• Streamline software development and testing Enterprises invest in application and networking infrastructure solutions in order to:
• Reduce the total cost of ownership and improve stakeholder service levels, through efficient provisioning and management of networked applications, computing and storage.
• Minimize business risk, protect information assets and enable enterprise continuity through agile, predictable and resilient information technology architectures. 
• Drive business growth and competitive advantage through rapid deployment of new initiatives, leveraging new and existing business logic and integrating with third party applications and services. Enterprises invest in application lifecycle management solutions in order to:
• Accelerate realization of new business initiatives
• Eliminate business disruptions and disconnects
• Reduce total lifecycle costs Enterprises invest in Business Productivity solutions in order to:
• Improve operational efficiencies through initiatives that help lower costs, expand throughput and improve responsiveness.
• Increase client service & satisfaction through faster turnaround, improved and more timely communications, and more informed decisions.
• Drive business growth through timely product development, richer customer experience, and more effective selling & merchandising.