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Convert upgrades and increase your commission with UltraEdit's groundbreaking v22 series!

If you haven't already seen UltraEdit's Document Map in action, check out this video.

Introducing UltraEdit v22 and the Document Map

Other amazing improvements in the new releases of UltraEdit/UEStudio...

UltraEdit v22.10 Upgrade

1) Better HTML/XML

2) Search highlighting
    in the Document Map

3) Convert find matches
    to multi-selections

The best better together:

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UltraEdit and UltraCompare Bundle

The UltraEdit and UltraCompare bundle is the ideal text editing and compare/merge solution for anyone writing code.

Together, UE/UC are unparalleled in unified text editing power and performance. Edit files, easily manage changes, merge code, synchronize local/remote folders and more.

Get it all with the All-Access subscription

UltraEdit v22 is part of the highly popular IDM All-Access subscription!


Sell the best in text editing and data an annual subscription!

Access to UltraEdit, UltraCompare, and all IDM titles for only $99.95/year!

IDM All-Access subscription license includes:



for Windows



for Windows, Mac, & Linux
plus UE Mobile (for USB drives)



for Windows, Mac, & Linux
plus UC Mobile (for USB drives)



for Windows



for Windows


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 Product Name SKU  MSRP 
IDM UltraEdit Named User 1-24 Users I84 01201A01D $79.95
IDM UltraEdit Named User Upgrade 1-24 Users I84 01201B01D $39.95
IDM All-Access Subscription License 1-24 I84 48101H01D $99.95
IDM All-Access Subscription License 1-24 Existing User Upgrade I84 48101S01D $74.95
IDM UE/UC Bundle Named User 1-24 Users I84 09201A01D $99.95

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