DataCore Software

DataCoreTM software is used to create Hyper–converged Infrastructure, Converged Server SANs and/or Virtualized Storage Servers. These deployments are tailored to provide a high–speed, highly available, easy to manage and low–cost data infrastructure.

Hyper–converged Infrastructure

The World’s Fastest Hyper–converged Solution

DataCore Hyper–converged Virtual SAN is a high–performance, easy-to-use hyper-converged solution that enables companies to massively consolidate their virtualized infrastructure. Unlike other hyper–converged vendors, DataCore is the “World’s Fastest” hyper–converged solution, even faster than All Flash Arrays (AFAs). For more information, please see the Supermicro hyper–converged appliance, Powered by DataCore.

Converged Server SANs

Servers are the new storage

DataCore SANsymphonyTM Software–defined Storage turns any x86 server into a next–generation storage server. Unlike traditional arrays, this storage device is ultra–fast, highly dense and low cost, enabling companies to add capacity, performance and availability, while reducing costs.

Virtualized Storage Servers

Pool and manage any and all storage devices

DataCore SANsymphony Software–defined Storage is able to pool and manage any kind of storage device. By increasing the performance and availability of these devices, while providing single pane management, companies are able to extend the life of their storage assets while reducing costs.

Proven Value

Over 10K customers and 10th Generation Technology

DataCore’s innovative technology means companies get the best performance and highest availability for all their enterprise applications and databases, with the highest ROI by minimizing both CAPEX and OPEX. In a recent survey of over 2,000 DataCore customers, key findings indicated:

  • 79% improved performance by 3X or more
  • 83% reduced storage-related downtime by 50% or more
  • 81% reduced storage-related spending by 25% or more
  • 100% saw a positive ROI in the first year

DataCore, the DataCore logo and SANsymphony are trademarks or registered trademarks of DataCore Software Corporation.

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