Would your customers’ businesses survive if they lost everything?

Backing up data ensures that the most important data is duplicated and retrievable in the event that it is lost.

How to Backup Data:

  • Create 3 copies of the data – 1 primary copy and 2 backups
  • Store 2 copies of the data on different storage media
  • Keep 1 copy of the data offsite

Are your customers backing up their important data?

On World Backup Day, help your customers back up their important data by offering them any of the backup software solutions below:

of the data in the world has been generated in the past two years alone.

Why Choose Quest

Quest QoreStor delivers the fast backup and recovery your customers need to keep pace with their business. With QoreStor, you can lower your customers’ data protection costs and maximize the return on their IT investment by leveraging virtually any storage hardware, backup software, virtualization platform or cloud provider. Your customers can also safeguard their data in complex, diverse IT environments, both physical and virtual — from one intuitive console with NetVault Backup.

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of companies who lose their computer systems for more than 10 days due to a disaster file for bankruptcy within 1 year of the incident.

Why Choose Unitrends

Can your customers’ backup prove recoverability and detect ransomware? Can their backup make data, applications, and test environments available instantly? Can they copy to the cloud of their choice? Unitrends handles all of this and more with all-in-one enterprise backup and continuity.

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of companies that suffer a catastrophic data loss close within two years.

Why Choose StorageCraft

With the right disaster recovery cloud, a business can survive anything. StorageCraft Cloud Services stores copies of your customers’ backups in their cloud; therefore, during a major disaster, they can quickly get critical operations running again! Recover data, virtualize machines, or even fail over an entire site and network in minutes.

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Acronis is
faster than the closest competitor.

Why Choose Acronis

Acronis Backup 12.5 is the world’s easiest and fastest backup solution for all your customers’ data, whether it is located on-premises, in remote systems, in private and public clouds, or on mobile devices.
With Active Protection from ransomware, enhanced backup validation, and blockchain-based authentication of their backups with Acronis Notary , Acronis Backup 12.5 is the most reliable backup solution on the market today.

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of small businesses that suffer a disaster never reopen their doors.

Why Choose Carbonite

Carbonite offers all the tools necessary for protecting data from the most common forms of data loss, including ransomware, accidental deletions, hardware failures and natural disasters. From automated computer backup to comprehensive protection for physical and virtual server environments, Carbonite ensures the accessibility and resiliency of data for any system.

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of SMBs are not prepared for data loss.

Why Choose SEP

SEP replaces multiple backup software products with a single high-performance solution for hybrid IT environments – physical, virtual and cloud. Supporting the widest range of operating systems, databases and applications, SEP is the perfect solution for IT professionals managing data protection and business continuity.

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Enterprise infections increased
in 2018.

Why Choose Macrium

Macrium Reflect is a backup, disk imaging and cloning solution for commercial and personal use. Included with all paid editions, Macrium Image Guardian prevents unauthorized modification of Macrium backup files on local and USB volumes, so you can be assured that your backups are recoverable.

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of data security breaches are caused by acts of malicious intent.

Why Choose Altaro

Altaro’s ground-breaking CMC is a web-based, multi-tenant management tool for Altaro VM Backup that enables our partners to manage and monitor all their Altaro installations from a single pane of glass. Get one centralized view via this online console. 9,000+ partners are already sharing our success.

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